2. epicstratton:

    More busted teeth than a Jerry Springer special. #bikeshopbingo (Taken with Instagram)


  3. this lanky idiot gets it



  4. aliveasfuck:

    Thursday, February 6 @ 8pm.

    movie of people riding bikes without brakes. beer on tap.

    all proceeds go to some homies in need. 

    (via stuckylife)


  5. STAY FOR 2014 



  7. such a good onesix edit fer dubois


  8. so. uhm. yeah. bmx. 

    im back. send me links to edits and photos. 

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  9. stuckylife:

    "agressivly dumb" "not uci compliant" 

    This is going to be real. Dont miss it. 

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  10. Little weekend video because Thomas Arden and Clayton Ryerson ride better than you.


  11. thisisnotcurbwizard:

    "Bigger then Drakes new album"

    Send some love to Kerr, he bumped his head

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  12. Ky went to campbell river park and did some tricks. NEAT.


  13. ShastaBMX sent through this rad summer mix. So many good vibes and good times. 


  14. Kywizard


  15. This guy sucks at riding bikes. He should quit.